The mowing continues…


The second field design was a bit ambitious. I drew inspiration  from the daylilies that were abundant in early summer and designed this motif. The mid-summer grass is mostly clover, so it doesn’t grow as deep as the spring hay. The contrast wasn’t as strong as I’d hoped for. I am impressed I was able to make it resemble the original motif. I was a bit nervous with all the organic curves.

Time to mow it all down again and start another. What shall it be? Hmmm… stay tuned.

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Fresh Start


I’ll let this grow a little bit before mowing in a new design — which I still need to create.

I’ve been working on the cistern revival project. I’m going to harvest rainwater from my garage and route it over a pergola (in progress) to an old cistern which I’ve emptied out and built a hand pump for. Next steps: run a hose from the hand pump at the cistern down to my garden and into a 5-gal. tub feeding soaker hoses to my garden. I was afraid I wouldn’t get this done until the summer drought kicked in. I’m getting close. Gotta “make hay.”

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starting a new look


I was thinking of this for new personal brand…

– it’s round (holistic, encompassing my thoughts, geometric/logical)
– it’s a big D! enough said about that
– a little like my island


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Take One


I finished the box and stuck it in the ground by the road. There are 5 flyers to start that explain my thoughts and purpose for the field designs and the other projects to come. You can follow more detail (soon) on my website:, click on the VCFA link and this stuff is in Semester 2, Packet 2.

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I got into this plane with my pilot, Rob Hacket. I swear, I could reach my hand across and palm the pilot’s door, we were that snug. It didn’t occur to me that I’m terrified of heights and get motion sick until we got up in the air. Small detail.

No motion sickeness, but we were way the hell up there! It was a breezy day, which means we were lifted up and down randomly. Made picture-taking a challenge – and not having my reading glasses on didn’t help either.

My design looks awesome from the air!!
It was the most thrilling, nerve-testing, beautiful ride I’ve ever taken.


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aerial field view 1

aerial field view 1

Flying over my field. The mowed design is very pronounced. So cool!

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MAKE – where it begins

field-art-grid110x200-3    make-partial-wordpress    box-500cob

So, I mowed the above design into my field. I’ve had one neighbor ask me about it so far. There has been talk. Good. The conversation has started, albeit, small.

I like my neighbors. Their friendly, but we all maintain our space. It makes the random meetings all the more rich.

The box will contain collateral material that explain what I’m up to and what’s inspiring the work. It will include a link to my website and to this blog. I hope folks will participate. We’ll see what happens.

I’ll be posting more pictures. The box is not done. It needs legs and text. I’m about to get into an airplane to take a photo of the field. Very exciting! Watch for that one.

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A conversation…starts with a box of thoughts

I thought I should open the pathway to this conversation with a blog. This way it’s not just me talking. Now, you can participate. That’s a conversation.

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